Why Broadcasting From The Big Sporting Events Is A Big Deal

There are some of you reading this that either run or are employed by a sports talk station that will send talent to broadcast from some of the biggest sporting events in the country.

And you are in the minority.

For the rest, the budget probably doesn’t work out for your station.  It’s likely the company’s philosophy that, while the money is there, it can be better spent elsewhere.

But, veteran program director Jason Barrett, knows the investment is well worth it.

I think it says a lot about what you stand for as a brand. What are you going to do if you’re not at the Super Bowl the week of the Super Bowl? You’re going to sit in a studio talking about how great the Super Bowl is and all the analysis and opinion about that game, you know?

Barrett has been sending shows to Radio Row at the Super Bowl, the World Series, MLB Spring Training, NBA Playoff games and many more events while building 95.7 The Game San Francisco and 101 ESPN St. Louis into national powers from their respective births.

Especially with the NFL, I think first and foremost you’re going to be talking about it anyway.

Secondly, I think there’s some things that are bigger than an extra tenth of a rating point and bigger than justifying that you broke even on budget, and that’s brand image. You want to tell an audience that you’re for real covering sports, you know, nobody ever complains about that when it comes to television, you know? How come television is at the winter meetings, at the Super Bowl, at the college football championship? Why? Because it’s expected that TV’s going to do a great job covering sports and big moments.

When it comes to radio it’s kind of, “Oh boy, that’s going to be expensive.” Well, okay, I get it that certain markets can’t afford to lose a few grand, but in some bigger markets, you know, I think if you’re in a top 20 market and you want to tell your audience that you’re serious, you’ve got to cover the teams in your backyard in a strong way and you’ve got to demonstrate that by being willing to go out and do it.

Check out Jason at sportsradiopd.com.  Hear more from Jason in PASR 001: The One With Jason Barrett.

Also, get his “3 L’s For Sports Talk Hosts.”

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