PASR 012 : The One With Matt Jones

Above is PASR 012: The One With Matt Jones.

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“There’s no reason not to integrate your life into what you’re talking about.” – Matt Jones


Matt Jones is the creator of, the nation’s largest independent college sports blog, and has parlayed it into a very successful radio show.

I was Jones’ first co-host on his radio show, which originates out of Louisville (just miles from my hometown of New Albany, Ind.), and you will hear a couple of stories of how that radio show started to make some waves and then, long after I left, grew into syndication on around 30 stations in and around the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Jones is arguably the public’s foremost authority and conduit to University of Kentucky basketball with an average of over 150,000 unique visitors to his blog each day.

Why did I think he’d be a good option for the podcast?  Jones’ avenue for success is one few take as they grow in their careers: remaining mostly “local,” while creating a massive following in his niche.  It’s an avenue that many other local hosts could take as well.  It can be done. Jones explains in the podcast.

Check out more of the show notes below to get a feel for what you will hear in this edition of The PASR.

I hope you enjoy and, as always, leave a comment to get out anything that this podcast had you thinking along the way.


  • How Matt got his start in radio and what made it so addictive for him. [4:02]
  • Matt took a different avenue than many others who try to get into sports radio. [6:11]
  • Matt talks about when he knew he really had something that people wanted. [9:37]
  • Matt and Zach talk about how the show they did together first got ratings and surprised the whole building. [11:18]
  • Matt talks about one of the stories that had nothing to do with sports that got the ball rolling on the kind of style Matt had on the air. [11:50]
  • Matt talks about what sports radio does the worst. [13:57]
  • Matt explains his show. [18:01]
  • Matt gives the ingredients to having a mega-popular show on a local level. [19:52]
  • Matt is currently trying to break through the “local” host stigma and work on a more regional and national scale. Matt opens up about it. [22:50]
  • Matt talks about how his show has evolved over time. [23:50]
  • Matt talks about his biggest shortcomings in sports radio. [25:00]
  • Matt gives his biggest pet peeves about other sports radio hosts. [26:20]
  • Matt still calls in to other sports radio shows randomly! [27:05]
  • Matt talks about who he thinks is great in sports radio and what makes them great. [28:43]




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Time to get your thoughts on a topic Matt and I talked about…

What is YOUR biggest pet peeve about other sports radio hosts?

Leave your answer below.

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