PASR 004: The One With Marc Hochman

Above is PASR 004: The One With Marc Hochman

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“My entire career is based on bullshit, but until someone figures it out, we’ll just ride this wave as long as it lasts.” – Marc Hochman

Marc Hochman, in my ears, is one of the most creative sports radio hosts in the industry today.  While I don’t get to sample him near as much as I used to, back in the mid-to-late 2000s when I was doing sports talk myself in Louisville with no real mentoring and I somehow found him and the show he produced at the time, The Dan Le Batard Show, and he was basically coaching me from afar to be different in an already-saturated sports talk market in Louisville at the time.  Listening to him opened up my creative mind.

How, he’s got his own afternoon drive show on WQAM in Miami and is doing awesome, despite his former colleagues and great friends still across the street being syndicated now on ESPN Radio.  Fun interview. Great guy.

Check out more of the show notes below to get a feel for what you will hear in this edition of The PASR.

I hope you enjoy and, as always, leave a comment to get out anything that this podcast had you thinking along the way.


  • Marc talks about he was interested in radio from a young age, noticing brand new imaging packages on radio shows he listened to.
  • Marc talks about his transition from music radio to sports talk radio when one of his best friends, Dan Le Batard, asked him to produce a new show he was starting in Miami.
  • Marc talks about never thinking his goal in sports radio being ‘host.’
  • Marc talks about leaving Le Batard’s show to do mornings on the same station, and then leaving there to go up against his friend in afternoon drive on the competing station.
  • Marc talks about the “don’t take sports too seriously” tenor of his show.
  • Marc talks about the lone lowlight of his career, which was the only time he was fired, and it was like 20 years ago.  Translation: he’s been doing great for a long time.
  • Marc talks about his inability to delegate.
  • Marc talks about his favorite benchmark that he created.
  • Marc talks about whose great at sports radio right now.




  • The book I mentioned was Sports Talk: A Journey Inside The World Of Sports Talk Radio. Here’s a link: (I do receive a small commission if you go through my link. Thanks for the support.)


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