How To Maintain A Long On-Air Relationship With A Co-Host

If you’re a visitor to this site, then I’ll assume you already know who John Kincade is. Kincade was the “bullpen host” for ESPN Radio for years, filling in for Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd regularly, before nailing down a weekly national show on CBS Sports Radio.

But he’s also a long-time host on 680 The Fan in Atlanta. Kincade has spent 15 years in the same chair with the same damn co-host, national champion quarterback Buck Belue (Georgia, 1980). That is unbelievably rare.

Kincade dropped some fantastic hints on how to maintain a great relationship with a co-host for a long time in our recent conversation.

First of all, I’ve got to tell you, part of it is doing business with a good man… Buck and I could not be more polar opposite people. We’re so different in so many things. Ask us our opinion on almost anything, we’re almost polar opposites, except at our core values.

We know each day that we can count on each other having a work ethic. We know we can count on each other to be hard-working guys. We show up for work, we’re not erratic. We can count on each other.

And I think over the years, even though affection comes and goes at times, what never fades is the fact that we realize that we’re good business partners. We build a good business partnership for both of us.

And believe me, whether it’s my show in Atlanta or my national show, I approach it as a business. I have a business mind, I’m always looking to see ways to maximize things.

Working with a guy that long, it honestly took us some great guidance. We had great guidance and we’ve had people that have looked up for us and forced us to reinvent. I’m not saying helped us to reinvent, I’m saying the words carefully–forced us to reinvent–because two more stubborn guys had never existed on the planet, let alone in the same room.

And I tell you this, you talk about one of the things you’ve got to learn in this business: I am kicking and screaming (against) change in my life. I never want change. You’ve got to drag me to change. I am a creature of routine. And, thankfully, I have some really wise people who have helped me in this business to evolve and to try to change and to try new things, because this is absolutely this Superman’s kryptonite, this I can tell you, because I hate change—hate it with passion.

To recap, be open to a partner who…

  • has a great work ethic
  • may be different in every way from you, except at your core values
  • treats it like a business
  • is open to change (and you need to be open to it, too)

All of these things may be key in your relationship with your co-host. At the very least, they are to John Kincade.

Hear more of my conversation with John Kincade on PASR 002: The One With John Kincade.

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