PASR 010: The One With Evan Cohen

Above is PASR 010: The One With Evan Cohen.

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“We have to make sure that we’re good at content, sales and marketing.  And if it’s not all three, then we’re failing ourselves and our team.” – Evan Cohen

Evan Cohen is one of a kind.  He takes “radio life” to a whole new level.  There are plenty of guys out there that are program directors or hosts, or both.  But Evan goes one step further.

Evan is the Director of Content Development for Good Karma Brands, which has ESPN Radio stations in four different markets.  That’s a job worthy of a full day’s attention.  And he gives it that attention on top of hosting a radio show.

Not just one radio show.  Two.

Cohen hosts The Morning Men on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio (Channel 85) and then doubles down as the co-host of EvCoRadio on ESPN 106.3 in West Palm Beach in the afternoons.

He’s full of energy and his philosophy on radio is knowledgable and, better yet, addicting.  A fascinating guest.  I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did learning from him.

Check out more of the show notes below to get a feel for what you will hear in this edition of The PASR.

I hope you enjoy and, as always, leave a comment to get out anything that this podcast had you thinking along the way.


  • Evan talks about how he got into the business. [2:41]
  • Evan talks about the moment that he recognized that something was going right for him in sports radio. [4:57]
  • Evan goes into what his typical day entails, which is, as you would assume, very busy.  [7:09]
  • Evan talks about how exhaustive his business can be. [10:23]
  • Evan goes into the comparisons and contrasts between his national morning show and his local afternoon show. [11:26]
  • Evan talks about the biggest challenges in starting a new show with a new co-host. [14:03]
  • As Director of Content Development overseeing many stations in multiple markets, Evan talks about the common topics he discusses with the program directors that work under him. [17:10]
  • So, working on Mad Dog Radio on SiriusXM, what is Mad Dog like? [19:37]
  • Evan talks about his biggest strength as a host. [21:37]
  • Evan also talks about his biggest weakness in sports radio. [25:37]
  • Evan discusses great radio hosts and hosts that have great facets in their game. [26:49]
  • Evan gives his best sports talk radio host in America.  It’s not who you might think. [29:55]
  • Evan gives his biggest pet peeves of other sports hosts in the business. [31:07]
  • Evan talks about what’s great about twitter as it pertains to sports radio. [32:30]




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