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Well, if you made it here, I’m assuming you’re either intrigued at what you’ve seen on this site so far or you’re trying to figure out what idiot is behind all of this.

My wife and me.

Me and my beautiful wife at Sundance Square in Ft. Worth, Tex. while I was on the road covering college football.

Either way, thanks for visiting!

(EDITORS NOTE: If you’re not here to get the scoop on me, scroll down to learn more about the site and PICK UP YOUR FREE GIFT. I struggled with putting my quick bio first, but after consulting with people who are smarter at this web stuff than I am, people do come here, believe it or not, because they want to know who the idiot is. Again, if that’s not you, scroll down. Alright, moving on.)

My name is Zach McCrite (Contact Me).  And sports radio has been in my blood since I was very young.  I grew up in New Albany, Ind., which in the southern most part of the state, and a suburb on Louisville, Ky.

I was born in 1980, so if you do the math, you can probably figure out that the sports talk radio station format, while beginning to pop in some of the big local markets in the country, hadn’t quite made it’s way to my neck of the woods until I started to hit my teenage years.  That’s when Louisville had the old “One on One Sports” Radio Network.  I was addicted.  I would listen all of the time.  Papa Joe Chevalier (RIP) and Arnie Spanier (still a stinkin’ genius) were music to my ears.

But I was addicted to sports radio long before that.

It just happened to be in play-by-play, where I begged a guy for an internship at the local station who carried all of the Indiana high school football and basketball games each week.  They were the mecca in my 13-year-old brain.

Before and after.

Finally started taking care of my body not too long ago.
Left: covering the Orange Bowl in 2007 at my heaviest weight (420 lbs.)
Right: late 2014 out with friends at around 275 lbs.

After some begging, and finally meeting right guy, I got my first sports radio internship, keeping statistics for high school sports broadcasts.  Not too long after, I was an employee (note to government: I promise I had a work permit) and was receiving paychecks from that same commercial radio station at 15 years old operating the board for a local radio show and Cincinnati Reds games for a Louisville radio station.

I’ll let my first real sports radio coach, and former boss, Jason Barrett take it from here.  He did a profile of me and, frankly, I feel weird talking too much about myself.  Hell, I already have to listen to the sound of my own voice for three hours a day on a radio show.

Just know this… YOU CAN CONTACT ME ANYTIME: As my radio show listeners can attest, I am always ready to respond to people who took the time to respond to me.  Go to the Contact Page and choose the way you want to get a hold of me.


The Podcast About Sports Radio and AboutSportsRadio.com is geared toward three types of listeners and readers.

  • Those already in the sports radio field.
  • Those who aspire to be in the sports radio field.
  • Those who are sports radio listeners who just want to learn more about who they listen to or maybe haven’t listened to yet.

No matter what category you fall under, I hope you get as much out of it as I do in creating it.


In one sentence, the answer is this: I wanted to learn more from successful people in this industry.

I like bettering myself in the sports talk radio industry but, truthfully, I’m not the best networker.  I’m nervous about it.  It comes from a lack of self-esteem that I had about this business for a long time.  “Am I really good enough to be chatting with these people that I look up to?  And if so, what do I ask them about?”

It’s funny, I can get in front of a coach or player and interview them and have no problem doing it.  But, when it comes to people I look up to in the business, I have a tough time doing it.

How backwards is that?

So I used to just e-mail people I looked up to but didn’t know to pick their brain, with varying levels of success.  But that can still be awkward, not just for me but for the recipient.

“Hey, can I talk to you on the phone and just chat about sports radio?”

Yeah, awkward.

So, how do I make it less awkward?  How can I make these people more comfortable in speaking with me?  I got it.

I’ll make a podcast.  Then, I can just ask them if they’ll be on it!

Furthermore, there are a lot of great blogs and newsletter services that will tell you about the ins and outs of the radio industry already. There are even some really great ones that post specifically about sports radio.  They are very enlightening.

But we’re in an audio medium. Let’s get these same conversations on tape so we can hear what others in our own industry have struggled with or are why they’re successful.  And, oh, the stories that could come out of some of these podcasts… that could be fun.

That’s the other reason I did this.  It feels a niche that hasn’t been filled.

So here we are.  A place where I can dump all of my conversations with people both in front of and behind the microphone in the field of sports radio.

That’s the short story about how this podcast came about.


I have no idea.  Maybe a sponsor will come forward, but it’s okay if they don’t.  Truthfully, this is a labor of love and self-improvement.


Great question.

If you’re not in the sports radio industry: what better way to get to know things you didn’t know about hosts, program directors and producers you may or may not already know about?

If you ARE or ASPIRE TO BE in the sports radio industry: what better way is there to learn more about how these people are doing it?

Whichever you are, I feel comfortable saying this: You will learn something you didn’t already know in sports radio from someone who has been successful already in sports radio.  That, to me, is of monumental value.

Yes, there is a blog here as well, but it is an accompaniment to the podcast–not the other way around.  In this space, at least in the beginning, the podcast comes first.

Again, I know I keep coming back to this:  I know in this multimedia age, our voice and brand need to be everywhere, but let’s not forget: we’re an audio medium first. This website will also reflect that.


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Cheers and enjoy.